#ingredientmotivated These dinners are highlighting the local farms and producers we use on a daily basis and bring them up close and personal for a family style experience.

Seating will be limited to 24 people. Dinner service will be prompt so a 5-5:30 arrival time is imperative.
Wine will be included with the meal.
price will be subjective.

For this second dinner, we dug deep into the bag of tricks. If you follow us you may have seen that Dolce purchased a whole Full Blood Wagyu steer. He was carefuly raised by Mark Blackford and his son Wyatt. Mark feeds 1000’s of wagyu cattle at his feed yard, Craig Cattle Company. But this guy was raised in his backyard. We will be serving a multi course dinner from different and exotic cuts from all over the animal. So this dinner is truly one of a kind.

Cost for this dinner is $125 per person.

Make a Reservation online or give us a call at 402-964-2212.