The Chef here knows food and wine. Our tasting meal and the wine accompaniment were excellent. We went on a Saturday night and arrived about 5 minutes early for our 7:45 reservation. The greeting at the door could use work. The male who would later be our waiter seemed almost annoyed that we were there. He became a little more friendly after seating us but it was a bad beginning. After that things just got better and better. We ordered the five course tasting and every dish was outstanding. Courses were served by the chef and wine was brought by the waiter. All courses were substantial so we were full at the end. I usually only taste desserts but here I did eat it all. The wine pairings were the best I’ve ever had. This is a chef who is truly a master at his craft and his sommelier background is a great complement to those skills. This was an outstanding meal and we’ll definitely be back.