My son chose the restaurant for his birthday and was excited to have dinner with his family. Upon arriving, the waiter asked one of the gentlemen at our table to remove his hat at request of the chef. Our family member ultimately left the restaurant and did not return. He felt judged and unwelcome in a restaurant where most everyone was dressed very casually. The rest of us spent the night feeling very self-conscious and disappointed we couldn’t share the dinner with our whole family. I understand that restaurants have a right to enforce a dress code. However, this should be addressed on the website, when making a reservation, or at least posted at the door. Not when you are seated at the table. I would have left as well, but my son had been looking forward to trying what he heard was excellent cuisine. Some of the food was very good, but not great. It could have been much better, perhaps, if we didn’t feel uncomfortable the entire time. We had been to much fancier, better restaurants and treated with respect and gratitude for choosing to spend our time and money with their establishment- all while our amazing dinner companion wore his hat. I won’t lower myself to call out the things I noticed about the people who made ours feel embarrassed and upset. I will say that even if the food had been amazing, which it wasn’t, we will not be returning or recommending the establishment to others.