UPDATE: As you can see, I received a not-so-nice reply from the owner. I think I was fair and honest in what I said below, and actually could have said a lot more but felt people got the idea. But he decided to alienate me and dozens of potential customers by attacking me personally. I do support servers (having been one myself) and left a generous cash tip in addition to rounding out the bill to an even amount. It boils down to the fact that I didn’t enjoy the service or the food, and I wanted other diners to know about my experience.

I was really excited for our visit to dolce given the great reviews on Google and elsewhere, but unfortunately my experience was not so great.

Slow service and our server was quite gruff. I felt like an inconvenience every time I asked for something.

I wasn’t blown away by any of the food, which again was super disappointing. The mac & cheese was pretty good, but it had way too much chorizo in it. It was really like cheesy chorizo soup with some noodles on top. Kind of bizarre. The salad was way under-dressed and I couldn’t taste the salad dressing at all, it was basically dry lettuce. I ordered the pork trio and was disappointed with all three ways. The pork chop was tough, the pork belly which I was looking forward to was also overcooked and kind of burnt. Then there was some pulled pork of some kind that was flavorless and stringy.

I don’t want to harp on, but nearly everything we ordered had some sort of issue. It really impacted our dining experience, and made our anniversary dinner feel pretty lackluster.